Palma Vodka. Mallorca. Spain. 700ml
Palma Vodka. Mallorca. Spain. 700ml
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From the award winning Mallorca distillery this premium organic Vodka boasts soft vanilla and black peppercorn notes with a refined mineral finish.
Capturing the subtle essence of the Mediterranean, ‘Mallorca distillery’ has used organic wheat spirit and ‘Flor de Sal ‘ a naturally occurring salt to flavour this excellent Vodka.
The salt is gathered by hand from the salt pans of the unspoiled Es Trenc coastline in the south east corner of Mallorca.
Thanks to Es Trenc's clear water, its high summer temperatures and gentle sea breezes, 'Flor de sal' captures the essence of the Mediterranean in every crystal.
The mineral palate is left pleasantly sweet with hints of lemon peel.
As a result Vodka Palma is a well-rounded, slightly sweet vodka with a perfectly balanced finish, gifting a taste of the island in every bottle.
Palma Organic Vodka is a unique premium product, made from the island for the island.
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