Negroni Sbagliato

Sbagliato (pronounced Spah-lee-ah-toh) is the Italian word for "wrong" or "mistaken" The cocktail is a "wrong" negroni because the traditional gin is swapped out for prosecco. It is said to have been mistakenly created by the owner of Bar Basso in Milan in the 1970s when he accidently reached for a bottle of bubbly instead of gin. It was such a hit that the drink has become widely popular and tourists flock to Bar Basso to enjoy the drink in an oversized glass


30ml Sprissetto Bitter

30ml Cucielo Rosso

30ml Marsuret Prosecco Doc


Measure all ingredients into your favorite Negroni glass over ice and garnish with half a slice of orange. Alla nostra salute!!